Our Staff

Miss Jennifer

Welcome to my passion.

You know you are doing what you are supposed to when you enjoy it, think about it often, can separate it from other parts of your life, and can’t imagine doing anything else.

Greenhouse Montessori was created from a passion for providing an environment for children to learn and have fun. The “greenhouse” was originally a place for children to have themed birthday parties where they could play, interact, and learn, without even realizing that fun and learning could be the same thing. As a former elementary teacher, I incorporated learning, fun, and respect, in my classroom at every opportunity. When it came time for my child to go to school and into the care of others, it was with much trial and error that Montessori Education was found. The idea of giving young children the knowledge to be independent, self-disciplined, focused students who work at their own ability, no matter the age, was very intriguing. As the preschool was started, the Montessori philosophy paralleled my beliefs so much, I then decided to take training to become AMS certified.

Greenhouse Montessori is what I want for my own children, a place of love and learning that encourages discovery and individuality. The learning family that we have at our school is very special. Family involvement is an important part of Greenhouse Montessori and the relationships built among the children, teachers, and families are irreplaceable. This school is as much a part of me that I am of it. I appreciate the importance of the development of the brain from 0-6 years and know that the students in my school are being molded during the time with us.

Miss Julie

My name is Julie and I am the Toddler Room Lead Teacher. I have been with Greenhouse Montessori for four years. Greenhouse is not just a job to me, but my home away from home where I can create a safe haven for your little one.

Miss Ashley

4G2A8999_RTMy name is Ashley and I am the¬†Primary classroom assistant, Outdoor Environment lead,¬†and aftercare coordinator. My husband and I recently moved from Iowa to Arizona, and I’m loving it here! I’ve been working in a Montessori classroom since 2008. When I started working in Montessori I felt like I found my true purpose in life, what I was meant to do. I love knowing I’m helping mold independent individuals. Although this is my first school year at Greenhouse, it already feels like my home away from home and I’m enjoying getting to know the children and families.

Miss Makessa


My name is Makessa and I am the Toddler classroom assistant. Throughout my teenage years my mother did a lot of research on montessori theory to school my younger siblings with this method. As I saw this in action and learned more about montessori I fell in love with it. I always knew I wanted to be in the field of teaching young minds and I liked montessori method, so when I found Greenhouse Montessori Primary School it was a dream come true. I love young children and helping them to learn. It is truly a passion and adds a sweet sunshine to my life.