Schedule & Tuition

Enrollment Opens up on March 5th!

Monthly Price Yearly Price Discounted 3% prepay
Primary (Ages 3-6) (Aug. 2018 – May 2019)
3 Half day $525.00* $5250.00 $5092.50
3 Full day $675.00* $6750.00 $7275.00
4 Half day $610.00* $6100.00 $5917.00
4 Full day $750.00* $7500.00 $7275.00
5 Half day $680.00 $6800.00 $6596.00
5 Full day $875.00 $8750.00 $8487.50
Toddler (Ages 1-3)
3 Half day $600.00 $6000.00 $5820.00
3 Full day $735.00 $7350.00 $7129.50
4 half day $675.00 $6550.00 $6353.50
4 full days $800.00 $8000.00 $7760.00
5 half days $755.00 $7550.00 $7320.50
5 full days $925.00 $9250.00 $8972.50
Extended Care Flat Rates PM *(3:00-5:30PM)
3 Days $175.00 4 Days $225.00 5 Days $275.00

Extended Care Flat Rates AM *(7:30-8:00AM)
3 Days $30.00    4 Days $40.00    5 Days $50.00

  • A 3% discount is given for prepaid tuition
  • Sibling discount of 5% for second child
  • Discounts may not be combined
  • Please note that tuition is a yearly rate divided among 10 equal payments for your convenience and are not considered “by the month” charges.

Half day is considered 8:00-11:30, full day 8:00-2:50 for primary & toddlers

When comparing tuition rates between schools, please consider the following:
Additional required fees such as scrip, volunteer hours, auction items, fundraising requirements. At Greenhouse Montessori, we encourage your involvement but do not require it. We feel that time is very important to families and know that you will do what you can as you are able.  Our outdoor space is a part of our curriculum, ensuring that children develop their whole bodies and mind, as developmentally appropriate.

Enrollment Forms

Toddler | Preschool Enrollment Packet:

2018-2019 enrollment packet

Enrollment Information:

February 5th – February 23rd : Enrollment for current families
March 5th : Open Enrollment

All new enrollment requires attendance of an open house/scheduled tour, interview with administration, & a scheduled observation in the classroom. Once this process is complete, we will accept your completed packet.

Enrollment for new families begins on March 5 at 8 am and is done on a first come, first serve basis.  You will be required to have completed the above mentioned requirements and have paperwork completely filled in to be considered for any remaining spaces.  You MUST submit electronically and will be put in the cue from when it was sent, after 8 am on March 5.  Please submit completed application to

Once your packet is approved complete, you will receive an email within a week of submission offering a space if available.  You will have 24 hours to accept the space and submit the required deposit either via Zelle (to CHASE email account or in person.  If you do not respond and submit deposit within 24 hours of space being offered, we will move down the list of submitted applicants, forfeiting your space.

You will need a separate packet for summer and fall and only students enrolled for fall will be offered a summer position.  You may not only choose summer as an option if you are a new family.



Summer Enrollment Forms:

Summer Program: 6/04/18-7/20/18 *7 week program

Summer Camp enrollment 2018 


All summer enrollment forms must be completed and turned in with registration fee by May 1st, 2017.  Summer is only available to those enrolled in either the previous or following school year.

School begins Monday, August 13, 2018 for all students

 2018-2019 Calendar included in handbook

*Childcare will be provided during these breaks based on availability and for an extra fee,
with the exception of a week of Winter Break, when no care is available.